Website Questionnaire
A questionnaire to gain an insight into a website client's needs and wants for their new website.
(200 word max.)
(200 word max.) e.g. age, sex, physical/mental capacity/incapacity, a variety of factors, multiple groups, everyone etc
Are you the best in the area, or the only one in the area with your skills etc?
Do you want to improve an existing website or create a website from scratch? If you have an existing website what do you want to change or improve?
Basically, what website address do you want to use and is it available? e.g. I use for my business, but the .com isn't available for my business.
Please put the full website addresses and a few reasons why you like the websites. They may not be in the same business sector as you, just the look and design may be something you like.
e.g. About, Services, Contact, Products, Pricing, Booking, Login etc. You may want forms, maps, portfolio, social media, ordering, chatbots etc.
Describe the colour scheme that you use (e.g. the colours, or 'flavour'/style) or the colour scheme and branding that you want. You may hate a colour or scheme or like another. Describe what you prefer or use. Maybe link to a colour scheme on another website.
When would you like to launch your website? Is it important to launch at a particular time? What is your budget?
List about 10 words or short phrases that are to do with your business/organisation. e.g. for my business I would put: website, design, SEO, services, marketing, etc
Web Search, Word of Mouth , Link etc.