Major Web Design Pricing Table

(no hidden charges)

The price indicated is the normal price for this package, and would be the cost for around 80% of websites built within these packages. The cost of these packages will only increase if specialised features & services are required.

All website packages:

  • 12 Months Domain Name included
  • 12 Month Hosting included
  • Hosting & Server Admin Setup included
  • Email Setup & Hosting x 1 mailbox included
  • 12 month SSL certificate included
  • Responsive Design & Development included
  • Mobile Friendly included
  • Google Analytics included
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) included
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The Basic Costs Explained

Simply put, all websites need to have a web ‘host’. I use Fasthosts Internet Solutions, and have done for many years. A hosting company basically stores the website on its ‘servers’ and this is how we get to see websites online. They also provide the email services for each domain (or website).

Your domain name would also cost around £10 a year with Fasthosts.

Each year Fasthosts also charge a fee to secure the website. This is via an SSL certificate. You will often see a padlock in the browser by the web address and https rather than http. It basically ensures the website is safe.

What I payout for each client to Fasthosts is around £150 a year for all of the above. 


On top of the Fasthosts fees, there are design costs which are basically my charges for my time in designing your website. So, in the pricing table below you will see a Design Cost and a Total cost.

For example, a One Page website would cost £225 (approx) to design – roughly a days work. £150 would be added to cover what I payout, on your behalf, to Fasthosts. So it would be £375 in total in Year 1.

Therefore, a basic website would be £375 (in total for the year).

Unless there are no major changes, the following year would be around £230 in total because all the yearly fees of around £150 would still have to be paid to Fasthosts, and I would need a few hours during the year to update the website and do maintenance. My charges for that work  would be around £80 per year.

This example above is for a basic one page website.


The annual fee of £150 is the same for the One Page, Small Business and Corporate. It is just the design time that changes and therefore the costs.


An Example One Page website:

(see ‘Recent Work’ in the Main Menu for examples of other websites)

About eCommerce 

I no longer make eCommerce websites. ‘Out of the box’ solutions do it much better.

I recommend using Shopify or Wix for your eCommerce needs.



There are so many legal and logistical variables in creating and running an eCommerce website that it is best for you to utilise the power of an online eCommerce platform that have all of that covered.

The guys at Santrel Media Have some great tutorials if you want to make your own eCommerce shop/store on Wix or Shopify:

No Hidden Charges:

Year 2 onwards:

No Design Costs but payments are required to cover – Maintenance, SSL Certificate, Domain Renewal and Hosting fees:


One Page Website:

£230 which includes all services and features listed in the initial plan.

Informational/Small Business Website:

£240 which includes all services and features listed in the initial plan.

Business Corporate Website:

£250 which includes all services and features listed in the initial plan.


Pricing Explained

Most of my prospective customers have a budget in mind. There might be a little flexibility in my prices, but I have no wish to persuade customers to pay way more than they intended. Therefore, I list my prices on my website. I prefer to be affordable, as opposed to cheap. There are many cheap website builders on the internet; I am sure you have seen them.

Most prospective customers have done some research on price before they consider getting a website from me. Why would I hide my prices? Moreover, why would my competitors hide theirs?

My competitors probably know my prices anyway. If I wanted to find out how much a competitor charged, I would get a friend to pose as a prospective customer to get a quote. I don’t do this. I cannot charge less for what I provide, so for that reason I am not worried about what my competitors charge for a similar service.

I prefer to be upfront about my prices because I want to attract serious customers. I price each package on what it actually costs me in time, expenditure and resources.

If you own a business, of any size, you need a website.

You simply cannot afford to waste money on a “bargain” web designer. You have to do your homework and budget accordingly to get the best web designer you can afford for your needs. That means that a £50 website will not be your best bet, but that does not mean that your website has to cost more than a few hundred pounds, and definitely not £1,000. Unless it requires complex animations and bespoke interactive functionality.