How to send me details for products/items to add to your online shop:


1) After you click the button below (‘Create Product Details’ button) it will take you to a simple form.

2) On that form you will fill in each section that is required.

These sections are basically a product listing, and the required pieces of information are:

The product/item title

the price

the available colours

the available sizes

a short description

a long description (long description not always needed)

a main image and 2 other images

(just a main image will be ok. but if you can send 1 or 2 more images of the product it would be great. You simply click ‘Choose file’ and find an image on your phone or computer to send. You do this each time for the ‘Main Image’, and the ‘Additional Product Images’).

3) Then simply press send on that form.

4) Then complete another product form if you want to.