e.g. Gallery Boutique
Basically this is the Title of the item ... e.g. Mousqueton Dungarees or Robell Dress ... ideally put a manufacturer along with the item type, but don't worry if not available.
What is the item's price? (you can even add variations if different colours or sizes are a different price etc. For example, you could have a different main price of £30 for example, but maybe the item in Red is £35 etc)
List the colours/patterns available. It could be multi-coloured, or plain, just a simple explanation etc
List the sizes available.
Just 1 or 2 sentences about the product.
Not Required, but sometimes more information is needed to be added that wasn't in short description.
The main product image. (required)
(not required) Just another view of the item/product
(not required) Just another view of the item/product