Hi, I’m Nick, a freelance web designer. I am Major Web Design. I’m based in the beautiful Vale of Glamorgan, Wales. 

I provide professional web design services for small businesses, non-profits, brands & professionals.

As is normal professional practise, you’ll own your own domain and a hosting package, and I will design you a great website.

What will a website cost me? 

I am transparent in what I charge, and I know “What will a website cost me?” is most people’s initial question, so I will explain the typical costs upfront. I don’t build cheap, I build affordable.

There is no point hiding the potential costs from clients. My aim is to make sure that you are fully aware what is needed to get you and your business online.

Very few websites that I design cost more £500 in total, but some websites that I build for holiday letting businesses, for example, would need more functionality and will be higher in cost.

I no longer build e-commerce (shop) websites, as there are plenty of options elsewhere, such as Shopify.

The prices on this page are revised for 2022/2023 (pricing and payment structure can be different for existing clients)

Pricing explained …

a) Hosting & Domain

  • You’ll buy both the domain name and a hosting package from a reputable hosting company. I will show you how, it is very straightforward. Buying the domain and hosting yourself ensures that you fully own all of it. Don’t buy a domain name or hosting until we have discussed your website, because if you buy it from the wrong place it can cause many issues.
  • A domain will cost you around £13 a year. Don’t be fooled by £1 domain offers.
  • Hosting will cost you in the first year (on offer) as low as £22 for the whole first year, and following years around £100.

b) SSL - Security

  • Each website needs a SSL certificate (that is the https, or padlock you see in the address bar) that is normally free in the first year with a hosting company.
  • The following year can be as high as £40 per year. This cost is unavoidable.

c) Design

  • I simply charge £35 per hour to design your website. This is separate to hosting, domain and SSL fees.
  • A normal 6 pages, 12 subpages website with the usual Home, About, Services, FAQs, T&Cs and Contact, – between 8 and 16 hours to complete = £280 – £560
  • Examples of websites that I have created, with prices, on my ‘Portfolio’ page. 

d) Maintenance

  • Once the website goes live I do regular monthly maintenance: including backups, updates of the core structure (behind-the-scenes framework of the website), updating the core ‘plugins’ and themes.
  • This is I charge on your first invoice, and then each year.  I only charge £5 per month, but billed as 12 months. Therefore £60 per year.

e) Updating

  • Once the website goes live, I can do 3 further small updates for you at no charge during year 1. This I refer to as ‘Updates’ on any invoice.
  • This will be £0 in year 1, and £30 in the following years. (separate to Maintenance)
  • Small updates are things that would take me minutes to do, not hours. Such things as changing a list of prices on your pricing structure, adding new contact details, swapping out images, replacing a few lines of text.

  • These updates do not include adding new pages, adding brand new content, adding new functionality, adding anything that is significantly different to what exists already, changing the style and look of the website, restructuring pages or rebuilding the website. If it takes hours for this kind of work it would be chargeable, at £35 per hour.

Average total cost for a typical website containing some or all of:

Homepage – About page – Services page – FAQ page – Testimonials/reviews page – Contact page – Latest news page – Privacy policy page – Terms and conditions page – 404 “Page not found” page


 These are a guide. If a website is straightforward it would be at the lower end in regard to design costs.

Year 1: £375 – £655

Domain (£13) + Hosting (£22) + SSL (£0) + Design (£280 – £560) + Maintenance (£60) + Updates (£0)

= £375 – £655

These are estimated costs.

Year 2 + : £235 (approx.)

Domain (£13) + Hosting (£100) +  SSL (£35) + Design (£0) +  Maintenance (£60) + Updates (£30)

= £235 approx. (£238) each year

These are estimated costs.

I am a web designer

As a web designer, I design websites, but I am not a web developer.

I can create an attractive & professional website for you and enhance your business's online presence. I don’t 'develop' complex solutions, such as booking systems.

I can install ‘off the shelf’ booking plugins from external providers such as the Tripadvisor booking facility but not custom 'coded' booking and payment systems. There are many established companies that can offer this.

I am not a web developer

There is a misconception about the job of a Web Developer. Even amongst Web Designers.

The job specifications for a Web Developer is 'a programmer who develops applications using clients and servers communication over a computer network on separate hardware'.

This sounds much more complex than designing a good website, because it is. A web designer uses the systems a web developer provides (programming and infrastructure) and then I design a website using those systems.

About eCommerce

I don't provide eCommerce websites to new clients. I have previously.

Online stores should have the weight of a large company behind them to offer the required security solutions, payment protection and 24/7 support. If a web designer was to build a successful eCommerce website it would cost considerably more than a standard website.

I have previously designed eCommerce websites but better ‘out of the box solutions are available such as Shopify.


A mid-priced website that I have designed for a client

City DJs

Cost if built in 2024
(may differ from the original build cost)

£515 in total

Domain (£13) + Hosting (£22) + SSL (£0) + Design (£420) + Maintenance (£60) + Updates (£0)

Estimated costs.

Year 2 onwards no design costs (but Domain (£13) + Hosting (£100) + SSL (£35) + Design (£0) + Maintenance (£60) + Updates (£30)) in total approx. £238

Added functionality.

Many web designers use pre-made ‘plugins’ to add functionality to a website.

If required, it is far more economical to buy ‘out of the box’ for this type of product, as it would take far longer to build and develop them for each project. Some are free, a one-off charge or a yearly fee. As an example, I purchase an ‘Availability’ plugin for a client’s self-catering website and that costs £50 per year for the plugin.


Event Calendar

A straightforward event listing ‘plugin’ that can show all the relevant details and images, and a link to an external payment site. If payment was required, it can be linked to an external payment ‘gateway’ website.

Booking Availability

I have clients who run B&Bs and self-catering accommodation. They have their availability showing on their website, but it linked to their Trip Advisor account using a bought solution. 

Product Listing

Although a client’s website may not be a shop, they may choose to list items that people can browse and perhaps request more information about via a form, email or call e.g. A DJ hiring out equipment. 


As an example, I have a client who runs a health and well-being business. They meet their clients in person for activities, and also the website has a membership area. The members can also view members-only video content.

I design these types of websites:

Business – a website detailing all areas of a business e.g. A local trader, personal coach, entertainer, tradesperson, service provider, solicitors, dental practice or craftsperson etc.

Landing – one or two page-website displaying a company’s basic information.

Portfolio – online portfolio displaying your creative work.

Blog – online journal or informational page that is regularly updated.

 I don’t design these types of websites:

These require a Web Developer:

Ecommerce – I have previously designed eCommerce websites but better ‘out of the box solutions are available such as Shopify. Also, when dealing with online transactions the bigger companies can offer better protection.

Direct Booking – I have hotel and B&B clients with availability of rooms showing ‘live’ on the website, but they have bookings and payments dealt with externally on websites such as