The Most Popular Types of Websites

With so many different websites out there, it makes sense to sort them all into many different types.

In fact, when talking about types of websites, you could write a list that goes on forever – but I have narrowed it down to the most common ones.:


Blog – online journal or informational page that is regularly updated.

Business – generic website detailing all areas of a business.

Brochure – one or two page-website displaying a company’s basic information.

Crowdfunding – used for accepting ‘pledges’ and donations for any given cause.

Ecommerce – website selling products or services.

Educational – usually an interactive website with educational information on any given topic.

Media or Entertainment – regularly updated content on current affairs, sports, and entertainment.

Non-profit – similar to business websites but encouraging visitors to assist with any given cause.

Personal – online resume displaying your work experience and kills.

Portal – typically internal websites for schools or businesses where users log in to systems.

Portfolio – online portfolio displaying your creative work.

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